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Welcome to all who have ventured to my blog on my daily life.

I am a mother of 3, full time uni student, a wife and my own unique person. I have just returned from a 8 day holiday in Fiji with my other half, my 4 yr old, 3 yr old & 8 month old. While I was a way I was thinking of a way to record my thoughts each day for myself and possibly for others and for the future. Every day you learn something about yourself, someone else or just about the world around us. What better way than to record it.
So let me start by telling you about my amazing children....
R is 4 & off to school in 2011. An amazing girl who just wants to take the world around her in and enjoy it. It can be frustrating as it is slow being with R but totally amazingly rewarding to see the world through her eyes. R has an imagination that I am sure some of the most accomplished writers would give anything for.
G is 3 just & is off to pre-school in 2011. G is the life of every party, loud in every thing she does. G is the person that laughs so hard everyday that it is infectious. G I have just discovered loves her own environment and is a terrible traveler.....G is a go getter, tries everything at least once if not 100 times. Most of all G has the eyes that melt every heart and she gives the most amazing cuddles.
C is my little man, he is 8 months old. He had the same amazing eyes G does....they are going to break a few girls hearts. R has the blue eyes too but not quite the same as G & C. My little man is an eating, sleeping machine. Everyday a bit more personality comes out especially the belly laugh that he shares daily with G.
Then there is me, I put me second as in my life those children are first then me....I am 34, just completed 3rd year full time university, 1 year to go. I am married to an amazing dad. He is not that great a husband but again I tell you he is an amazing dad. We have been married 5 yrs. Prior to having G (my 2nd child) I had this amazing corporate career that I gave up for university study and full time parenting duties. I would never change that decision but there are days when I miss my job and all the adult stuff that comes with that as well as the challenges my particular job had, particularly the staff.

So my sharing moment for today to start my blog is about R....tonight we returned home from a family holiday, in the mail is R's school letter about starting school next year. When the others are asleep, I sit in the playroom on the lounge with R & I am reading her the letter about when her first day is, what time the day starts and finishes and the process for the first few weeks. Included in the letter are some semi personal comments such as " we hope that you and your child has enjoyed kindergarten orientation". As we read through the letter R comments on each of these semi personal comments:
Comment: 'hope that you and your child has enjoyed kindergarten orientation'
R: 'I loved it, dont know when mum did her orientation but I am sure you loved it too mum'
Comment: 'first day of school will start at 10:15am'
R: why so late, mum can we just write back I will be there at 9am?'
Comment: ' R has been allocated to Bradman colour house and as such R is required to wear a blue shirt on sports day which is to be purchased from the uniform shop'
R: ' why would we pay for a blue shirt from the uniform shop when I have at least 2 mum, waste of money'
Mum: 'Well R, the shirt is a uniform t-shirt with embroidery and its a particular blue, we will need to get one & I am happy to pay for it for you'
R: ' if you want to waste your money mum ok' silence then 'Mum, do you think they have a pink colour house as I like pink better than blue and when C goes to school he can be in blue'.
Comment: 'For the kindy kids, school will finish at 2:45pm for the first 3 weeks'
R: ' Mum, do you think I am going to the right school?'
Mum: 'Why do you ask R?'
R: 'they dont seem to like the kids to be there for long, dont start till after morning tea and this school finishes earlier than preschool?'
Mum: 'Its just for the first few weeks so you get use to school, its a great school R, I am sure there will be lots of time to get all you want to get done.'
R: 'Well, if I dont mum, I will just finish it and you will just have to wait'

So, I believe R had school all worked out, can not wait to get there. I hope all those with kids starting school have as easy transition as I am expecting. If fact, I wonder if those teachers know what they have coming, R will have them whipped into shape in no time.

That concludes my first blog, welcome again.

My plan is to blog at least twice a week, I hope you enjoy reading about my life and my families life as it unfolds.

A xxxx

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